Development Review


 Explore best practices for development review. The development review process is a central and indispensable part of every community’s planning and growth management system. The complexity of land development regulations in Florida place a high premium on efficiency, consistency and predictability. Share your experiences and lessons learned with your peers on the following topics

  • Compliance Assistance: Instilling a customer service approach. Review examples of customer service guidelines
  • What Applicants Want: What are the hallmarks of an exemplary development review process from the applicant’s perspective
  • Progressive Approval: Does your development review process reflect a progressive decision making process common to most private development decisions. Do you require to appropriate level of detail at the appropriate point in the process? Learn about the 90-10 Rule
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Explore the roles of planning administrator, the planning staff, other departments, outside agencies and the city / county attorney. What is the role of the Planning Commission? The Development Review Committee? (Be careful with sunshine and ex parte)
  • Pre-application review: Explore the importance of pre-application review. What is expected of the applicant? Of the staff? Of the administrator? How are findings documented? What is the legal significance of the pre-application review?
  • Managing and reviewing data and analysis: How can the review process be streamlined?
    • Project Manager / Project Team
    • Review-Not to Review option
    • Delegation of review option
    • Compliance certification option
    • Alternative Design option
    • Coordination with other departments / external agencies
  • Decisive decisionmaking: Clear delegation of decisionmaking authority. Administrative authority. Administrative recommendations. Delegation to appointed bodies. Discretion in decision making. Reasonable expectation. Substantial Compliance.
  • Competent staff reports: How to organize and write effective staff reports. Does the planning administrator make a recommendation?

Each participant will receive a copy of the Florida Planning Officials Handbook, presentation and course materials related to the topic and a Certificate of Completion

AICP CM – American Institute of Certified Planners – 1.5 AICP CM Credits