Organize Write Comp Plans


Learn about guidelines and techniques for improving your comprehensive plan. Each local government in Florida is required to adopt and maintain a comprehensive plan that meets the requirements of Chapter 163 F.S. The effectiveness of these plans is greatly enhanced through a logical and understandable organization and the application of sound drafting techniques and protocols.

  • What Florida Statute Require? The comprehensive plan must be legally defensible i.e. it must satisfy statutory requirements.
    • Required elements
    • Directives; Goals, Objectives, Policies and Strategies
    • Plan is not intended to be regulatory
  • Organization and Format. The format is at the discretion of the local government
    • Guiding Principles
    • Community Profile
    • Vision Statement
    • Regional Collaboration and Urban Form
    • Building Blocks
    • Governance
    • Plan Implementation
  • Drafting Guidelines and Protocols. Use succinct language with clear relationships among topics
    • Goals, Objectives, Policies and Actions
    • Define the “action” verbs
    • Single topics
    • Adhere to a “word diet”
  • Governance Element. Define roles and responsibilities and how the plan is to applied.
    • Ethics and transparency
    • Legal sufficiency
    • The Decision-making Process
    • Public Participation
    • Intergovernmental Coordination
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Plan Implementation. Empower the tools for plan implementation

Each participant will receive a copy of the Florida Planning Officials Handbook, presentation and course materials related to the topic and a Certificate of Completion

AICP CM – American Institute of Certified Planners – 1.5 AICP CM Credits