Sharpen Tools


Explore guidelines and techniques for improving the tools for planning and growth management.

  • Re-Forming the Comprehensive Plan. Florida’s commitment to “top-down” planning has been the law of the land since 1985. Each local government is required to adopt and implement a comprehensive plan that meets statutory requirements. Without exception, these plans are complex and voluminous and in many cases are difficult to understand, and to implement. How does a community undertake a major re-forming of its comprehensive plan? What tools and techniques can be applied? Learn about a six- step process.
    • Evaluate the goals. objectives and policies.
    • Develop a work program.
    • Agree of organization, format and drafting protocols.
    • Create a results neutral
    • Compartmentalize for substantive change.
    • Integrate the substantive changes and adopt.
  • Linking the Comp Plan and Land Development Regulations. Florida statutes require that your comprehensive plan be implemented and specifically mandates the adoption of land development regulations as a primary implementing tool. Learn about tools and techniques for effectively linking land development regulations with comprehensive plan directives
  • Streamlining Land Development Regulations: The streamlining of land development regulations is a common theme with Florida communities. Can that objective be achieved? What tools and techniques can be applied? Learn about a five-step process.
    • Commit to the task
    • Apply “Best Practice”
    • Reorganize and reformat first
      • Link to the Comprehensive Plan
      • Get the procedures right
      • Focus on decisionmaking
    • Compartmentalize for substantive update
    • Integrate substantive amendments into the revised format

Each participant will receive a copy of the Florida Planning Officials Handbook, presentation and course materials related to the topic and a Certificate of Completion

AICP CM – American Institute of Certified Planners – 1.5 AICP CM Credits